Why trust a credit expert?

Source of significant stress for the borrower, a real estate purchase can be carried out with more serenity, by calling on a credit broker. The Good Credit company has many arguments to convince. Focus on a network in the making.

Reason 1: 100% free service


On the broker market, two operating modes have traditionally been opposed: on the one hand, paying experts, who build their fees by a payment from their client and by another from the selected bank; on the other hand, free brokers, who are paid only from the commission paid by the lending institution.

The Good Credit network has chosen not to claim fees from its customers (except for professional loans). Please note that free service in no way leads to inferior service, only a very competitive cost for the borrower!

Reason 2: The quality of support

On the broker market, two major organizations coexist: experts available only on the web and those who favor physical relationships. If the former can thus optimize their price, they cannot deal with more “subtle” files. For example, entrepreneurial borrowers require more sustained attention than an employee with a permanent contract.

At Good Credit, brokers systematically carry out telephone and physical interviews to properly manage the file: rigorous monitoring, which ensures optimal service for each client. Enriched with the information thus exchanged, they can better help them, orient them and advise them, according to their desires, their needs and their financial situation.

Reason 3: The professionalism of brokers

The broker profession is highly regulated: to be able to exercise it, legally, each expert must register with ORIAS (Organization for the single register of insurance, banking and finance intermediaries): a number that he can communicate to its customers on simple request, in order to guarantee its seriousness and its expertise. Good Credit brokers also benefit from ongoing credit brokerage training, which is mandatory every year.

Reason # 4: Good Credit partners

Reason # 4: Good Credit partners

On this point, Good Credit can clearly mark her difference : the company can rely on a real local presence (franchises), while valuing the power of its organization (network). Armed with these arguments, each Good Credit broker can obtain the best pricing conditions : in fact, the said company benefits from numerous and serious partners, both bankers and insurers, established throughout France.

Another specificity of this company, it has also set up a partnership with the real estate agency Good Finance – its expertise used to validate the financing, at the start of the search for the property, or even optimize it if the future buyer needs extend its budget.

Reason n ° 5: A powerful tool at the service of brokers

Good Credit also makes its Fox Credit Pro software package available to its franchisees, with multiple advantages. Indeed, this powerful IT tool allows, among other things, to:

  • Optimizing credit requests from banks and credit institutions;
  • Solicit banks at one time;
  • Ensure the follow-up of the file with the various actors (client, notary, bank…);
  • Facilitate transversal written communication and make it faster;
  • Lift the loan suspensive clause and thus confirm the transaction;
  • Know the commercial margin achieved on each of the accepted files.

Reason # 6: Good Credit’s values

The company Good Credit advocates transparency vis-à-vis its professional real estate partners and its customers: from the first discussions, it establishes an offer as clear as precise. With it, no unpleasant surprises await the borrowers, insofar as the conditions relating to the brokerage service are well detailed from the start. On the partner side, the same observation: the fees are clearly defined!

Good Credit franchisees speak out


The seduction operation at the 2018 Franchise show

Present at the Franchise Expo Paris 2018 fair, Good Credit takes stock : she brings together 45 experts, able to support, from the discovery of the project to the final rendering, including the development of the plan financing and negotiation with lending institutions. The company takes the opportunity to display its development objectives – namely, 70 franchisees for 2018 and 100 for 2019, with, as today, a sponsorship system, to carry the newcomers.

To meet these multiple objectives, Good Credit has built a new formula, dubbed “M +”, offering $ 0 entry fees to the network, instead of the usual $ 10,000. In this way, the company wishes to attract candidates to the franchise, having a good appetite for the profession of broker, but not necessarily having this contribution to integrate the network. In exchange, the newcomer will pay a higher fee (20% instead of 4%), the time to raise the funds, to switch to the classic formula.

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